Why Ffitu

Why Study atFFitU University?
Below are some of the great reasons why people choose FFitU for their online education.

Online Training
As a student, you take most of FFitU’s distance learning programs online, so you do not need to be physically present on campus. We use learning management software to let you interact with teachers.Our distance learning program includes online lectures, videos, interactive animations, online discussions, electronic portfolios, web conferences, and much more. In the process of studying, you will regularly complete assignments, including homework and projects, and send them to the teacher through our e-training system. Many courses include online exams.

Upon completion of the course degree requirements at the Russian-American University, you have the option to visit the United States for a diploma awarding ceremony. Our graduates also receive diplomasin the specialty appropriated by FFitU’s American partner universities. After the ceremony,you can meet with their professors and peers.

Online learning requires a significant amount of written communication. Without spending precious time and money on daily trips, you can learn flexibly in times and places that you find convenient. You will communicate with teachers and each other primarily through email and learning management systems. In most courses, you will regularly participate in online discussions and work together with peers. These methods help you feel comfortable and prepared to interact in a distance learning environment.

Motivation and Discipline
Our elite training program is designed so a you’ll achieve academic success with strong personal management skills. A greater degree of flexibility in the learning process requires you to take an active part in your education. With the right motivation, there’s no limit to how much you can succeed.

Time Management
Because online courses can be time and work intensive, you will balance academics, jobs, and family.You will usually spend between 20 to 25 hours per week on each subject. We recommend starting with an overall assessment of the course content, planning the time for assignments in advance, and reserving enough time to complete them.

Excellence in Education
All teachers of the Russian-American University are recognized professors from accredited colleges in the United States. FFitU lecturers are experienced educators who draw on their scientific reputation and extensive practice in their fields. The course and program format are designed to focus on practical application while developing fundamental knowledge and theory.

Professional Communications
The majority of students who study in distance education programs in FFitU combine their work and study, while many teachers have professional contacts in their disciplines. This means that the online learning environment provides access to a variety of knowledge and practices, and also includes a student in an extensive network of professionals in a wide variety of industries.

“I work as an IT manager, and from the very beginning every course that I chose had something to do with what I was doing at work at that time,”

-Tim Heilman, graduate of the Computer Systems Master program.

It goes without saying that technology plays a key role in online education. You will need a high-speed Internet connection and basic computer skills. If necessary, we are happy to provide basic skills training. You can find more detailed information in the technology section.

Course Schedules
Most of the courses work on a seven-week schedule with start dates in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Although you can work flexible hours on assignments, you must finish each course within the allotted time period. Each course has deadlines to keep you on pace for completing yourassignments.

Students studying online programs at the Russian-American University can take up to six courses per year, passing one seven-week course at a time.

The application and the start of the online program at FFitU are accessible almost any time of the year. You can review the schedule of online courses, see a list of current and upcoming subjects, and find information on how to apply for training.

Technical Assistance and Student Support
The Russian-American University guarantees that online students receive qualified support throughout their studies. Your program director, course coordinator, and instructor are available by phone or email to answer questions. However, online students should be able to take the initiative, ask questions, and receive instructions on their own. Technical support is available through the page of the Information Management Department of FFitU.