SPONSORS OF Flint Fitzgerald University Find Your Reason Why support Flint Fitzgerald University? Although the graduates, students, friends, and partners of Flint Fitzgerald University have different reasons for supporting the University many sponsors share common interests. Our sponsors are passionate about:

  • Helping the next generations of worthy students get access to quality education
  • Helping our outstanding teachers and researchers add new knowledge to the world
  • Supporting Flint Fitzgerald University’s interdisciplinary research, which improves both individual and community life.

Research support Sponsor support is essentialfor research activities of Flint Fitzgerald University scientists who think and work “without borders,” but work internationally.

In the modern world, a biologist and engineer working remotely on a project are more likely to succeed together than alone. With the support of sponsors and patrons of art, we can build on these successes and create new ideas for the development of science in different areas of the University.

There are many ways you can support the development of science in Flint Fitzgerald University:

  • Support the activities of teachers of those academic sciences that are important to you.
  • Create scholarships for worthy researchers, whose energy and fresh ideas help strengthen both existing and new areas of knowledge.
  • Support specific research projects that are important to you or that will be useful to your organization, company or foundation.
  • Develop a trust fund in support of any department or multiple departments. It will be used as necessary to support research, participation in profile conferences, scholarships, and business trips.

Building Flint Fitzgerald University Bright and flexible spaces for life and study create a more productive environment for teachers, students,  and employees. They also fostera, broader and more connected experience for our students.

The university needs functional premises, as well as improved formal and informal spaces for organizing the educational process. Such investments are essential for preserving the Flint Fitzgerald University’s spirit of competitiveness, as they contribute to the development of the diverse student culture of our University.