Terms Of Use


Terms of UseIn these Rules, the term “computer object” (CO) refers to any kind of computer equipment and intellectual property items, including computer systems, personal computers, computer networks and all forms of software owned by the University, leased and used by the University and those that are located under the control of the University. In other words, the term “computing environment” includes universal or Internet services organized by the University, as well as public cloud or Internet services that students of the University use to study or store information.

Using the University’s CO, students accept that the University does not guarantee the confidentiality of any message or data stored on or transported through theseCOs. The University confirms the rights set forth below, and in the provisions on information security of the Flint Fitzgerald University’s on computer ethics. Use of COsis limited by the powers of the University.

The use of the University’s CO for education is a privilege granted to members of the university community. Users of UniversityCOs must comply with and provide the University with the right to implement the Information Security Regulations, the Regulations on Computer Ethics and the Terms of Use of COs. Users also agree to comply with current legal requirements and refrain from engaging in any activities that do not comply with their student status or that may damage the University. The University reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to the students and to take such further actions as may be necessary to comply with the requirements of the law.

To protect the integrity of the university’s CO from unauthorized or improper use of these facilities, as well as to investigate the use of these facilities in violation of the University’s rules, the Flint Fitzgerald University reserves the right to unilaterally restrict the use of a user to any IT, as well as verify, copy, delete, or otherwise modify any data, files or system resources that could disrupt the use of any IT or that are used in violation of the University rules.

The Flint Fitzgerald University also reserves the right to periodically check any system and any other resources necessary to ensure the protection of its CO.

The University is not responsible for the loss of data or interference with files related to actions to ensure the confidentiality and safety of CO, malfunctioning of the system or for any other reason.

The University reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice and take such further actions as may be necessary or appropriate to other published rules and requirements of federal or local law.

The provisions of computer ethics Many users use computer technology objects(CO) in the Flint Fitzgerald University. All devices must be used responsibly; incorrect use of CO even by some individuals can lead to a disruption in the learning process and the disruption of people’s work. Therefore, all students should exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using the university. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. You must use only those computer facilities that the University has authorized you to use. The unauthorized use of CO, whether providing false or misleading information to accessCOis prohibited. You should not use the University’s computer resources to gain unauthorized access to other bodies, organizations or individuals.

2. You cannot permit anyone to use your accounts at the University for any reason. You are responsible for all use of your accounts at the University. You must take all reasonable precautions, including updating passwords and file protection measures, to prevent the use of your account by unauthorized persons. You do not have to disclose your passwords to others who need to update their passwords regularly. You are responsible for any actions taken with the use of your account, regardless of whether you are doing these actions.

3. You must use the University of Technology only for purposes related to the University for which they were permitted. As with all university equipment, the use of IT for private or commercial purposes is prohibited, except in cases where it is directly permitted. You must not use the University’s COfor prohibited purposes, including but not limited to collecting, installing or distributing fraudulent or illegally obtained media files or software. The use of external networks or services, including cloud services, must comply with the usage rules published by the University and the organizations providing these networks or services are rented to the University.

4. You must not receive, modify, copy, move or delete information, software or other files without prior permission from the relevant responsible person of the University or a security officer of the University. You must not copy, distribute, display or disclose third-party software without the prior permission of the licensor. Personal software should not be installed on systems that do not have a proper license to use it.

5. You should not use any COirresponsibly or in such a way that they can interfere with the work of other users. This includes the transfer or creation of a variety of materials, such as mass mailings, spam, or unauthorized advertisements. You should not intentionally, recklessly, or inadvertently cause damage to any system, equipment, or information that does not belong to you; intentionally intercept electronic messages or commit another breach of the confidentiality of information of other persons or to access information not belonging to or intended for you. You should not intentionally use system resources for other purposes or give other people the opportunity to do so. You do not have to download software or data from untrusted sources.

6. You are required to report any violations of these recommendations by others and any information related to the lack or circumvention of the protection of computer facilities in the IA Flint Fitzgerald University.

Unauthorized or improper use of objects of computer facilities of Flint Fitzgerald University of the University, including non-compliance with the above recommendations, is considered as a violation of the University rules. For questions about these Rules or the applicability of these Rules to a particular situation, please contact the IA Flint Fitzgerald University.

The University reserves the right to amend these Computer Ethics Rules at any time without prior notice and take such further actions as may be necessary to comply with the published rule of the requirements of local or federal law.