To use the Flint Fitzgerald University Library:

Include as many keywords as possible from the title of the work or the name of the author in your search. To search for specific articles, insert the title of the entire article or a quotation from it into the search line.

If you know the exact title or the exact part of the title, put quotes at the beginning and end of the phrase. For example: “A Brief History of Time,” “Huckleberry Finn”. Please note, spelling and punctuation should be accurate.

  • The availability filter allows you to make a selection based on the results of your search.
  • A material type filter allows you to sample by articles, books, or other types of materials.

To find the materials for your courses, you can also search for them by the number, name of the course, or teacher’s name. Use the drop-down list of courses or the button in the advanced search to restrict the selectionof your course materials.

Search terms Note that the names of some terms may vary, and they do not always appear in the search sequentially.

For example, when searching for materials on the topic of World War II, books may be in the term “World War (1939-1945),” while peer-reviewed articles may be on the topic “World War II”. Other entries may not contain specific terms, but they may contain words that match your search in the title or abstract.

Keywords matching your search criteria will be highlighted in the results.

Activate the restriction filter for peer-reviewed articles or a specific type of material (books, articles, etc.).

You can also use the search string () in combination with “” and the notations AND, OR, NOT. [Example: “World War II” AND (sites OR battles) NOT (Normandy OR Pearl Harbor)]

You can find detailed instructions in our manuals.

You can also search for information outside the Flint Fitzgerald University using WorldCat Discovery.

We are here to help Ask the library staff to provide the necessary assistance. Contact us by email or by phone.