Student Private Office

The Student’s Private Office is an online resource accessible to all students of Flint Fitzgerald Universitywith their login name and the current Kerberos password.

The online office contains useful information for applicants and students, provides access to training materials, a section on financial information, a list of vacancies, and other sections. Under the link, registered students can obtain information about their personal data in Flint Fitzgerald University, including the academic schedule, extracts from the electronic record book, the schedule of courses of disciplines, and more.

We give students opportunities to develop partnerships with companies and organizations. Managers and employees mayalso participate in individual programs remotely or blended formats.


Sections of the Student Private Office

Below is a list of some sections that you can access in the Student’s Personal Area. The Basics / Student’s Personal Area provides a full list of possible sections.

Academy The “Academy” tab is a guide to your academic schedule and schedule of the university. You can use it to:

  • Browse your list of registered disciplines by selecting the Current Schedule.
  • See the full list of disciplines that you took at the Russian-American University by choosing Disciplines.
  • Review your scores by choosing Ratings.
  • Print a copy of your excerpt from your electronic record book by selecting the E-book preview and ordering an extract.
  • Select the Graph of University Disciplines to find or browse the entire list of disciplines of the Russian-American University by semester.

Money The “Money” tab is a guide to your financial reports at the Russian-American University, including student accounts and information about available financial assistance. You can use it to:

  • Request and pay your tuition account by selecting the Student Account Request.
  • Check the status of the financial assistance request by selecting Financial Aid.
  • Read the financial assistance options by selecting General Information on Financial Aid.

Personal Information The “Personal Information” tab provides access to your personal information, including the name, address, photo, and restrictions on the disclosure of your personal data recorded by the University. You can use it to:

  • View and update your address, phone number, and contact information by selecting Address and Phone.
  • View your personal profile, which is a summary of your personal information: date of birth, gender, marital status, information about the country of origin for foreign students.
  • Restrict others’ access to your personal information, select Help.

The Basics section In this section you can set up an accountfor access to the Student’s Private Office.

Alphabetical index This is a list of all sections of the Student Private Office, presented in alphabetical order. The sections are directly related to the corresponding functions