This section of the Flint Fitzgerald University site contains information on registration for programs, answers to technical questions, and links to useful resources available to students of online programs. We recommend that you add this page to your Favorites.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Course Registration and Add/Drop This section indicates which disciplines are included in your program, timetables, assessments, financial information, information about upcoming courses, and terms of delivery.

Autumn 2018 Terms of repayment
5 September 2018 100% of tuition fees and fees
6-12 September 2018 100% of the tuition fee
13 – 26 September 2018 50% of the tuition fee
As of October 5, 2018 No refund

Add or Drop a Course After registering for courses, you can set the schedule for your classes at any time during the allotted add/drop period by going to the Student’s PrivateOffice. Your account will be adjusted according to the dates of the refund policy.

Omissions A student enrolled in a course, but not willing to attend classes for any reason, must officially take an academic leave or write a statement of withdrawal. Academic leave is issued if the student intends to return to training in this discipline in the following semester. The application for expulsion indicates the student’s decision to leave the university for good. To arrange an academic leave, please contact the Administrative Sciences Department.

Important dates To view the dates of your program, including the first and last day of classes, the registration deadline, the last day for 100% tuition and the last day for dropping a course, please visit the schedule page.

Check-In Visit the Dean’s office to get information about the schedule of academic studies, courses, and to receive other information related to enrollment.

Student’s Private Office Student’s Private Office is an online resource in which you can access information about your status as a Flint Fitzgerald University student. Here, you can learn about subjects, the schedule of classes, and enrollment in financial assistance.

Resources Online students can access the Flint Fitzgerald University library.
Students who want to request support for limited-mobility citizens can apply to the Dean.

Library Flint Fitzgerald University has a rich electronic library, consisting of various online resources. For more information, visit the Flint Fitzgerald University Library website.

Online Tutors Flint Fitzgerald University cooperates with the online tutor Smarthinking™. We offer tutoring services to all online students for free. Smarthinking™ provides tutors in different subjects.

You have access to Smarthinking™ from your online cabinets. See the section on services and topics offered by Smarthinking™ for more information.

Services for People with Disabilities In accordance with the University’s Policy, we make every effort to meet the unique and special needs of students regarding speech, hearing, sight, or other disabilities. Students who believe that they may need additional help in completing online courses should contact the Administrative Sciences Department.

Career development The Career Development Center Flint Fitzgerald University supports the graduates of online programs and provides access to career resources. See the services offered by the Career Development Center and the additional services provided by Smarthinking™.

University Policy University Policy describes the duties, rights, and privileges of Flint Fitzgerald University students of the University as individuals, community members, and representatives of institutions that are part of the Flint Fitzgerald University community.

Responsibility of the Student Flint Fitzgerald University is an independent private institution. Entering the university, studying, and using its resources is a privilege, not a right. The Code of Student Duties is established to ensure a system of honest and responsible communication with students whose actions do not meet the University standards or violate the rights of others.

Information Security Students of the Flint Fitzgerald University must comply with the University’s Information Security Policy and grant the University the right to implement the Information Security Policy, the Computer Ethics Policy, and the Program Terms of Use.

Rules for Access to Electronic Information Flint Fitzgerald University provides electronic systems, networks, and devices for the implementation of the learning process. Except as described in the Terms and Conditions of Use, the University does not regularly access the contents of e-mail, calendar, files, or user access logs (“User Information”) transmitted or stored on systems, networks or devices that do not directly belong to the University.

However, since access may be necessary for certain circumstances, this policy describes the conditions under which the University can access information about the user, as well as the processes and authorities essential for such access.